Based in Switzerland, e-Ticino Hosting provides the best of web technology, based on Linux and cPanel

Linux Swiss Hosting

Servers located in Switzerland. Featuring cPanel for total control of your hosting, include SSL security certificate. E-mail and Webmail, statistics, antispam and antivirus. Softaculous install your favorite programs with 1 click. 30 days money-back warranty.


Unlimited Business Hosting

All unlimited. Servers located in Switzerland, UK or US. Featuring cPanel for total control of your hosting. Unlimited email with Webmail, statistics, antispam and antivirus. Softaculous 1 click-install of your favorite programs. e-Commerce ready.


Linux Root Servers

SSD high performance virtual servers for faster Web sites and applications, or HDD with free cPanel. We also offer rock solid Dedicated Servers. Root Access (ssh) makes your server fully configurable as per your needs. Including free dedicated IPs and optional additional IPs.


Domain Registration

A domain name is the first step to ensure your internet presence. FREE Add-ons with every Domain Name!
Free Email Account

Receive 2 personalized Email Addresses such as mail@yourdomain.com with free fraud, spam and virus protection.


Domain Forwarding

Point your domain name to another website for free! Redirect users when they type your domain name into a browser (with/without domain masking & SEO)


Administration Tools

Easy-to-use admin tools to help you Register, Renew, Transfer and make other changes to your Domain Names in a simple step.


Website Security

Website Security

Secure SSL

SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer and is the Internet standard security technology used to establish an encrypted (or safe) link between a web server (website) and your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc…).


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Email Security

  • Incoming Email Filtering, to protect your network
  • Outgoing Email Filtering, to safeguard your reputation
  • Email Archiving, for backup and compliance


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Secure site

Positive SSL